Kicking It

Monte Cook & Shanna Germain

Successful Crowdfunding is no easy feat — more than 55% of projects on Kickstarter actually fail. Here, two creators of successful crowdfunding campaigns give you the basics, the pro tips, and the insider secrets no one else is talking about.

Kicking It teaches you what to do before you begin your crowdfunding campaign, how to build and manage your campaign, when to use social media and other promotional tools, and how to get through the rough patches.

In Kicking It, you’ll learn how to successfully:

–Describe your product and project
–Set goals (and stretch goals)
–Design backer levels and rewards
–Use social media and promotional opportunities wisely
–Understand and deal with the various types of backers
–Manage your time
–Fulfill rewards

There’s also a detailed walkthrough on setting up a Kickstarter campaign, a comparison of the various crowdfunding sites, and a resource list for additional crowdfunding information.

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